Just the other day Platinum Games, a well-known video game developer out of Osaka, teased the whole gaming community by opening a teaser page on their site that originally only featured a solitary number 4 in the center of the screen. This lonely number was surrounded by four separate stars, illustrated in the same manner as the Platinum Games logo. What could this mean!?

When the page first dropped, the speculation went rampant on social media, many folks speculating on Bayonetta 4 (even though 3 hasn't been released yet!) or possibly a 4th installment in the Drakengard series, created and directed by none other than my favorite creator, Yoko Taro.

I also joined in on the speculation, wondering if this could be the birth of a new Platinum "Dream Team" to work on a new project... Maybe Yoko's New Project?

Within a day or so of posting this teaser, Platinum updated the page to officially label one of the four stars "TW101RKS". They later updated the page further, clearly explaining what this strange sequence of letters and numbers stands for: The Wonderful 101 Remake Kickstarter.

I am not too knowledgeable on this title, but it appears to have been originally released on the WiiU to little fanfare, possibly due to the lackluster sales of the console. Perhaps this way, more people will be able to experience the game.

The Kickstarter started with a goal of raising about $50,000 for the project, but in just a day or two, this figure was blown sky high. Currently, the Kickstarter has been supported by over 20,000 backers with almost a full month yet to go!!


All of this hype is certainly a good thing for Platinum, especially after the news of Tensent making an investment in the company. Many fans are leery of what this could mean for the future of the company, not to mention future installments of games they have developed like NieR:Automata.

Speculation Time!

So, what do you think the next three stars will turn out to be? What do you want to see Platinum develop in the future? Maybe they're keen on producing their own titles sometime in the future? What if Yoko's New Project is in fact Drakengard 4, even though that was teased as "already complete" in an April Fools-esque 2-page article in the DOD World Inside book that came with the 10th Anniversary Box?

Here are some of the future titles we know Platinum is currently developing:

  • Astral Chain 2
  • Bayonetta 3
  • Babylon's Fall

As far as Yoko's New Project goes, we still have no clue what this could possibly be. It could turn out to be Babylon's Fall, since no director has been revealed for it yet. It certainly has an expansive world setting like something Yoko would make.

By - Terra Dragos.