Although your average Krispy Kreme branches do a top notch job of providing seasonal and limited-time-only treats to the Japanese public, there’s one particular branch which provides a more ‘premium’ service.

The Krispy Kreme located inside the JR Nagoya Takashimaya department store is the only place hungry doughnut-hunters can find the ‘Krispy Kreme Premium’ series. These doughnuts are a taste of luxury, containing ingredients like fresh whipped cream, each one is freshly made and decorated by hand.

For certain seasons and celebratory days, the series expands further with new limited-time-only doughnuts. For spring, Japan’s favourite time of the year, they’ve come up with two adorable offerings in order to tempt us into hopping over to Nagoya.

Like the New Year’s premium doughnuts which had a mouse jumping through the doughnut's ring, the spring versions portray rabbits as the seasonal representative, probably in reference to the Easter Bunny and springtime animals in general.

There’s two versions of the doughnut to be had. The ‘Krispy Kreme Premium Spring Rabbit’ brings the theme of cherry blossom into the doughnut design with a pink strawberry chocolate coating, freeze dried strawberries and a chocolate sakura petal. The white bunny is made of whipped cream with crunchy pie ears, and he contains sakura flavour jam for an extra seasonal touch.

But chocoholics will probably want to opt for the ‘Krispy Kreme Premium Choco Rabbit’, which would make a great gift for White Day. The fluffy rabbit is made with chocolate whipped cream this time, with the same crunchy pie accent. The artistic coating contains both white and bitter chocolate in a pretty marble effect topped with candied walnuts. There’s also a Belgian chocolate cream inside, just in case you were worried about a lack of chocolate.

The chocolate doughnut will be on sale 15th February until 14th March, while the pink spring rabbit will show up from 26th February until 22nd April. Both of these seasonal treats cost 300 yen each (plus tax) and can only be purchased at JR Nagoya Takashimaya.

By - Jess.