If you don't know talented singer and voice actress from her work on titles such as the Tokyo Ghoul and the Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill series, you may know her as the voice for English announcements on the Tokaido shinkansen bullet train in Japan.

Burke's voice is familiar to anyone who has ridden the Tokaido bullet train, which travels between Tokyo and Osaka. Commuters in Japan might also be familiar with her "colleagues" Chris Wells and Christelle Ciari, who make announcements on JR platforms and JR East/Tokyo Metro trains, respectively.

The three joined together as guests at a recent event, and Burke posted a video to Twitter of them delivering the English language announcements they are known for in Japan. As you can see, they can shoot their lines from the hip in a somewhat surreal but fun video matching faces to voices we may take for granted as background on the train.

Many Japanese Twitter users seem delighted by the video.

"I've heard these before on the train. This is the real thing!"

"What a great coming together! This makes me look forward to going to Tokyo."

"Just watching this has me full of smiles. My ears are happy."

"This joint performance is awesome. It's a permanent version of the announcement."

By - Big Neko.