On Christmas Eve, 1968, NASA’s Apollo 8 astronauts Frank Borman, James Lovell and Bill Anders had the privilege of being the first humans to behold the view of Planet Earth from the vantage point of space. Reproduced in photos from space missions and satellites ever since, it has appeared countless times in media and print.

The last place you'd expect to find that humbling image of our lonely planet adrift among the stars is inside a purse!

And yet, Japanese embroidery artist juno (ユノ) has worked her magic to make it happen, creating an exquisitely detailed clasp purse which allows you to enjoy that remarkable vista in the palm of your hand:

On the outside, the expanse of space dotted with a myriad of stars:

With permission from juno (@junoembroidery)

Unloosen the clasps and peer inside...

With permission from juno (@junoembroidery)

With permission from juno (@junoembroidery)

...and there she appears, Planet Earth. It's hard to believe the image is all embroidered by hand.

With permission from juno (@junoembroidery)

Reactions came swiftly once juno posted images of her remarkable handiwork on her Twitter account. Here are some of the comments:

  • "I was amazed at the level of detail of the embroidery of Planet Earth."
  • "This purse really packs a surprise when you open it!"
  • "It's almost as if the purse is carefully protecting the Earth, hoping to keep it in a beautiful pristine state..."

juno not only creates beautiful works in cloth and thread, she also weaves words into prose poems accompanying each step of her creative process. (Please forgive our clumsy translation below):

In addition to this galaxy series, juno also creates clothing and accessories with embroidered designs based on natural motifs such as plants and animals. She also exhibits her works.

If you're interested, please follow her on Twitter and Instagram for more information on her amazing creations:

By - Ben K.