Tokyo Tama Art University’s @sakamoto_entame’s creativity and flexible fashion views have Twitter users buzzing with one of her latest works. Check out some images she Tweeted in late January and see if you can figure out why.

Courtesy of @sakamoto_entame

It looks like her orange one-piece is coming apart at the seams. At least she got a few good shots in before it unraveled…

Courtesy of @sakamoto_entame

Why You Should Be Surprised

“So what?” you may be thinking. “I mean, certainly she’s cute and she looks good in that one-piece. It really accentuates her form and looks light and stretchy…w..wait a second…those are rubber bands!!” Yes, that’s right. And Miss Sakamoto is jumping for joy that you figured it out!

She posted the above video saying, “As a matter of fact, rubber band clothes make you go boing boing when you jump up and down.”

Miss Sakamoto amazed everyone with her original work of art, leaving Twitter users wondering:

  • “That’s too cool! I wonder how many rubber bands it took just to make one dress…”
  • “The rubber must smell bad right?”
  • “It looks heavy. I’m curious how much it weighs.”
  • “I can’t say anything, but ‘Wow!’”

Sakamoto-san said the dress required 10 kilograms of rubber bands!

Courtesy of @sakamoto_entame

The Tama Art University 4th-year student produced this unique rubber band one-piece as part of her graduation project. She hopes everyone will check out this one-piece as well as some of her other works at her school’s Graduation Exhibition.

  • Where: Tama Art University Kaminoge Campus 多摩美術大学 上野毛キャンパス
  • When: March 20-23, 10:00 - 18:00

You can find more details about the Graduation Exhibition here.


By - Mujo.