Good grief! There’s so many themed cafes going on in Japan, it’s hard to keep up. While there’s various cafes inspired by video games and anime to appeal to the country’s geekdom, and also ones for movie lovers, the real winners are surely fans of cute characters.

Not only are there plenty of pop-up eateries inspired by Sanrio, Shaun the Sheep and so on, there’s also permanent locations with seasonal menus to be had all over the place.

One of these such venues is the the Peanuts Cafe, where you can grab some treats inspired by the iconic comic character Snoopy, as well as his famous friends.

Just in time for cherry blossom season, the various Peanuts themed cafes around Japan are offering a spring-inspired menu which constitutes the perfect tea party for the season, all decorated with the instantly recognisable Peanuts cast.

In particular, the tea set focuses on the female characters of the series, and has a girly pink theme to go along with it. The set would be a fitting feast for a Snoopy-fanatic’s girls day out.

The Peanuts Girls’ Tea Party Set has both desserts and savoury treats, as any good afternoon tea should. For sweet-toothed Snoopy-lovers there’s cupcakes (in strawberry flavour and caramel s’mores flavour), peach jelly, lemonade macarons, chocolate doughnuts, framboise popcorn, and cookies. For the savoury side of things there’s vegetable quiche, and ham and cheese sliders (Nakameguro cafe) or pulled pork sliders (Yokohama and Kobe). Although advertised as a tea party, diners can choose either black tea or coffee as their beverage.

The set costs 2500 yen per person, with a minimum of two people, and is available until 31st May. You can reserve a table on each venue's individual website.

Peanuts Cafe Nakameguro

Peanuts Diner Yokohama

Peanuts Diner Kobe

By - Jess.