Popular Japanese coffee chain Komeda Coffee is known for their particularly sweet coffee and desserts, but a recent collaboration with Godiva may have earned them a slightly different reputation.

Sweets fans in Japan were delighted to hear that the world renowned Belgian chocolatier was teaming up with the popular coffee house for special menu items, but Komeda is now announcing that they are pulling the plug on the collaboration less than one month into the campaign. Officially, they are ending the 8 item collaboration menu "due to popularity", but one has to wonder if an ulterior reason is related to how customers are comparing the Godiva-chocolate topped "Shiro-Noir" pastries and cream coffees to poop.

Diners at Komeda have quickly noticed that the Godiva chocolate topped dishes resemble a coiled poop, and dubbed the menu items "Godiva Unko", Japanese for "Godiva Poop". The nickname is actually affectionately attached, however, as in Japan it's not uncommon to see poop anthropomorphized into "kawaii" mascots and characters, emoji, or products. After all, Japan has a poop museum that celebrates the cuteness of excrement.

It's a given that chocolate soft serve ice cream will pour and coil into something looking like the poop emoji, but because of both social media and company response it seems that many Komeda visitors thought it looked especially like poop.

By - Big Neko.