Kigumi is a traditional Japanese craft of that interlocks wooden joints. The intricate type of carpentry uses no nails, screws, or glue and often produces complicated but beautiful structures. Japanese university student Enji (@enjiblossomlily) is showing the beauty of the age old craft with his recently completed graduation project: a bicycle featuring kigumi design!

You might expect Enji to be a carpentry student, but he's not, making it all the more impressive. Enji's graduation project was for the Tokyo College of Cycle Design, which will be displaying the intricately designed thesis project bike along with others from March 1st-3rd.

Enji titled the bike "Kitsure", and describes the project's concept as "Japanese modern", and when making the bike strove to do away with what's regarded as common sense in the bicycle world and integrated traditional Japanese woodwork and architecture. The result is a fusion of traditional and modern that situates a geometric kigumi design at the center of the bike. The bicycle fits right at home strolling down the streets of some of Tokyo's older and more traditional looking neighborhoods.

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By - Big Neko.