Mika and Kyoko Kano, or The Kano Sisters as they are known in Japan, are a celebrity duo famous for their larger than life sense of fashion and busty figures--which often go hand in hand.

Boa Hancock (One Piece)

The two sisters make frequent television appearances and also conduct seminars as "lifestyle consultants", where they instruct women about fashion and succeeding in the business world. They're also known for a recent hobby of cosplay, particularly of anime characters that allow them to flaunt their cleavage. In the past they've cosplayed characters from One Piece, One Punch Man, and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

"Monster Princess" Do-S (One Punch Man)

On a recent appearance on Japanese television program "Sukkiri", younger sister Mika mentioned that Kyoko has a training method to "maintain her proportions", which consists of moving her left and right breast independently. Think it was too hard to demonstrate in a dress, the two took to Instagram to post the following two videos (remember to click the arrow) to show off Kyoko's "Fabulous Bust Exercise" (the two have sort of made "fabulous" their catch phrase):

We'll leave checking the science on this to you, but the two credit the "fabulous bust training" with helping Kyoko "keep her proportions". Mika writes that Kyoko can "move not only her bust, but every inner muscle like a living creature, a godly work of art." As you can see, they're quite high on the training routine.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.