If you plan on taking your prickly pet to one of Japan's hedgehog cafes, or a miniature photo studio for hedgehog photo shoots, you'd likely be doing so in a standard carrier cage. If you'd rather give them a slightly more "at home" feeling when doing so, you may want to pick up your spiney hog and have them board the "Harinezumi Carry House" (Hedgehog Carry House), a tent shaped sleeping space for hedgehogs that can be carried around as a carrier purse as well.

Developed by Solicon and currently a smashing success on its crowdfunding page, the Hedgehog Carry House is designed to give your pet hedgehog a comfy sleeping "home" inside their cage, but can be fitted with a shoulder strap and carried around like a bag or purse should you need to transport them.

The floor of the house is a liquid resistant animal friendly sheet, which is removable and can be washed should your hedgehog have business to attend to when on the go.

While the carry house zips up from the top, the side has a window (which can be closed during sleepy time) for some fresh air and sunshine.

A comfortable option for taking your hedgehog to the vet--or to the park for hedgehog BBQ parties.

Direct sales for the house are set to begin in mid March with a retail price of 4,900 yen, but you can still follow and contribute to (with return) the crowdfunding page.

By - Big Neko.