Cult classic anime Neon Genesis Evangelion recently became a hot topic again when Netflix secured streaming rights, bringing the series to a whole new mainstream audience.

Although the story itself deals with all kinds of horrifically dark themes, it hasn’t stopped the show’s characters and motifs being used in some decidedly lighthearted merchandise and events.

For one, a whole Neon Genesis Evangelion themed buffet is coming to a hotel in Nagoya, and the bright and colourful appearance of the treats on offer belie the harrowing anime that inspired them.

Visitors will be greeted by a figure of Kaworu Nagisa situated in the hotel lobby, then diners can take a seat at beautifully laid out tables, decked out in Evangelion colours.

The food buffet includes main dishes, desserts and drinks all with an impactful Evangelion twist which should thrill any mega-fan of the mecha anime.

You can eat chicken with the Spear of Longinus, or go for some ‘Pen Pen Penne Arrabbiata’ in a nod to Shinji’s flippered cohabitant. There’s also a ‘German-style’ pie thanks to Asuka.

Desserts include mini jellies and parfaits representing various recognisable characters and Evas.

Or there’s a mousse inspired by Asuka, and sweets decorated with the NERV logo.

Evangelion fans can also quench their thirst with six non-alcoholic cocktails, also based on colours and motifs associated with popular characters and the giant robots themselves.

The special themed buffets are only taking place during weekends and public holidays until 29th March, and each all-you-can-eat session is a 90 minute slot only taking place at certain times, costing 5000 yen per person.

You can book a time and date to devour as many Evangelion inspired treats as you can on the hotel’s website.

By - Jess.