As we've seen before on grape Japan, boba tea stand Metcha Matcha prides itself on its delicious drinks and desserts which blend the delights of a Japanese tea time and the convenience and trendiness of boba. As uniquely Japanese features, they have pearl options such as Japanese brown sugar warabi mochi tapioca and Shiratama (white mochi) tapioca, and they use all types of Japanese green tea, including tea from Uji, which is known for its high quality.

If their mitarashi-dango topped boba tea whetted your appetite, wait until you see what they're offering for Spring 2020: a collection of drinks and desserts featuring succulent Japanese strawberries!

2020 ICHIGO collection

Here's just a sample of their very strawberry lineup:

Brown sugar bubble tea strawberry milk w/ candied strawberries

With a skewer of candied strawberries resting on a cloud of milk foam, this drink is as photogenic as it is delicious! Dip the candied strawberries into the milk foam and enjoy!

Price: 900 JPY (excl. tax)

Strawberry daifuku tiramisu w/ candied strawberries

Loaded with Uji matcha and mascarpone cheese, and topped with a skewer of candied strawberries, this Spring version of Metcha Matcha's popular tiramisu is definitely worth a try!

Price: 780 JPY (excl. tax)

Overflowing strawberry matcha souffle pancakes

With plenty of delicious Japanese strawberries and pure fresh cream over moist fluffy souffle pancakes made with Uji matcha powder, its a heavenly combination of matcha and strawberries.

Price: 780 JPY (excl. tax)

Overflowing strawberry Mont Blanc

Made with strawberry ice cream, shiroan white bean paste and fresh cream, and generously topped with delicious sliced strawberries, it's a visually surprising and tasty twist on the classic French dessert.

Price: 1,580 JPY (excl. tax)

Strawberry daifuku

Fusing the aroma and stimulating tartness of plump strawberries and rich fresh cream with the comfortingly soft chewiness of mochi, these strawberry daifuku are a delight.

Price: 420 JPY (excl. tax)

Previously, the Omatcha Salon and their takeout Metcha Matcha booth could only be found in Osaka, but two branches have recently opened in Tokyo at the Tamagawa Takashimaya and Ikebukuro Parco shopping centre. Check out Omatcha Salon's website for more information on locations and to see the full menu.

By - Ben K.