Now that Valentine's Day is over in Japan, those who received chocolates or other nice gifts are beginning to think about what to give back on White Day.

Sure, you could go the standard route and buy a box of white chocolates, white cookies or marshmallows, but if you want to be different this year, we'd like to propose something which may literally be the coolest White Day gift you'll find:

-23C Frozen Baumkuchen

The idea for the product was born seven years ago when the manufacturer discovered that Baumkuchen cake which had been stored in the freezer for several days had a unique and deep taste. This was the start of a long research period in which they developed and finetuned their frozen aging method, changing the duration and ingredients to obtain just the right result.

After seven years of research, all their hard work has culminated in the final product: -23C FROZEN BAUMKUCHEN.


A one-week frozen aging process

Frozen aging for one week at -23 C creates an exquisite rich taste in a dessert which is not too sweet.

Free of leavening agents and stabilizers used

Since it is completely additive-free and does not use any leavening agents or stabilizers, it's completely safe for pregnant women as well as those who are concerned with artificial ingredients.

Handmade by craftsmen one at a time

Following the traditional German manufacturing method of making Baumkuchen, each cake is made by hand one by one.

A visually striking package unusual for Baumkuchen

A bold hologram at the center of a beautiful white box creates a photogenic appearance, no matter where it is placed.

Price: 2,938 JPY

To order yours, visit their website here.

(Note: Delivery to Japanese addresses only)

By - Ben K.