Japanese mother and Twitter user @4ka_san recently celebrated her birthday, and received a gift from her daughter that reminds us that sometimes the best presents aren't store-bought, but handmade. Her daughter went to the elaborate effort of crafting a "laundry folding machine" by hand. Obviously, this is a pretty demanding task for a young child, but her labor of love created the world's first laundry folding machine, which magically turns your finished laundry into neatly stacked clothing.

@4ka_san showed off how the magical machine works in the below video on Twitter, writing:

"Isn't this amazing? My daughter got me a laundry folding machine for my birthday. It automatically folds and even separates my laundry. But for some reason, whenever I use the laundry folding machine my daughter disappears..."

We may never solve the mystery of why the daughter conveniently isn't around when the machine is in use, but it seems @4ka_san has a very thoughtful child with a creative imagination!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.