Since the launch of its Homestar Original in 2006, Sega Toys has established itself as the leading manufacturer of home planetariums. Now Sega has released a limited edition of its best-selling home planetarium, the Homestar Classic Satellite Moon.

The Homestar Classic Satellite Moon is capable of displaying over 60,000 stars per disc, a mindboggling number, far more in excess of anything its competitors can offer. Its projector is powered by an ultra-bright five-watt LED light, thanks to which the outline of each star can be seen with improved clarity. Brilliant glass lenses make everything look vibrant and sharp. The Homestar Classic Satellite Moon represents the night sky at its most realistic.

The moon looks quite different when seen from the southern hemisphere. The Homestar Classic Satellite Moon not only allows you to see the surface of moon in closeup, it takes the stargazer to the fabled ‘dark side of the moon’, projecting scenery from the other side of the moon onto your ceiling. You can also observe the magnificence of the Milky Way and the Magellanic Nebula. To see 60,000 stars projected onto the ceiling of your bedroom from a single star plate is a magical experience, whatever your age.

The Homestar Classic Satellite Moon is the fruit of a collaboration between Takayuki Ohira, widely regarded as the world's leading planetarium creator, and the technical wizardry and hi-tech know-how of Sega’s Homestar team. Together, they have created a device so powerful that it allows users to create a virtual world in the comfort of their own homes.

To date Sega has shifted over 1.2 million units of the Homestar. Its popularity is likely down to its being so easy to use, even in the dark. It is built using top-quality, durable materials and comes with an enormous projection screen. There are a range of discs available, and each disc allows you to see a range of different projections.

The Homestar Classic Satellite Moon gives you a chance to explore worlds that have only ever been visible to astronomers and astronauts. It costs 11,000 yen (tax excluded) and comes with a comprehensive two-year warranty. It is available at toy stores, mass retailers, general merchandise stores, and mail order stores.

By - George Lloyd.