Move over Uber Eats. There's a new service in town featuring cute maids who are ready to deliver food with a good dose of "moe" to hungry people all over Japan.

However, there are a few apron strings attached. To begin with, they only serve omurice.

That's not such a bad thing for most people since omurice (omelet made with fried rice and topped with a thin layer of scrambled eggs) is a delicious and popular dish. Although it requires a bit of skill to cover the egg perfectly over the rice, it's easy to make at home with a bit of practice. It's also one of Japan's favorite comfort foods and a staple of maid cafe fare, where it's usually decorated with ketchup, as you can see here:

A maid decorating an omurice with ketchup at a maid cafe | Kousuke Sekidou from Osaka, Japan / CC BY-SA

The other attached string—and it's a big one—is you'll need to be lucky. How lucky? Basically, you and four other people (living in Japan) will be chosen by lottery. More details about that below.

Maid Made Omurice

Courtesy of © NH Foods, Ltd.

Even if the odds of getting a maid deliver omurice to you are slim, you can still enjoy the promotional video by Nippon Ham who just launched the "Maid Made Omurice" campaign, and, if you live in Japan, you don't need to enter a lottery to buy their new "foolproof" microwavable omurice products which allow you to make a perfect omurice every time.

Promotional video featuring Moe Iori

Nippon Ham has employed the services of popular cosplayer and gravure (glamour photography) model Moe Iori, who has over 630,000 followers on Twitter, to play the role of the titular maid in the Maid Made Omurice delivery service.

After establishing that omurice is the quintessential representative of Japanese culture, and that food and maids are a perfect pair, the video introduces us to our heroine as she gears up with a yellow microwave oven strapped to her back and heads out on her mission to deliver omurice.

She will brave oceans...

Courtesy of © NH Foods, Ltd.

...and forests...

Courtesy of © NH Foods, Ltd.

...but nothing will stop her on her quest. Whether it's a foreigner visiting a temple...

Courtesy of © NH Foods, Ltd.

...or an office filled with hungry salarymen and women, she'll deliver her omurice with a moe moe chin ("chin" being the Japanese onomatopoeia for the chime of a microwave oven's timer).

Courtesy of © NH Foods, Ltd.

Courtesy of © NH Foods, Ltd.

You can enjoy the whole video here:

Maid Made Omurice delivery service campaign

  • Application period: February 19th 11:30 to March 13th 24:00 (JST)
  • Omurice delivery period: March 20th to March 22nd
  • Website: Maid Made Omurice

How to apply:

  • Step 1: Follow the special Twitter account @fukuronomama_nh
  • Step 2: Input your information on the online form (Japanese language only).


  • You can only apply if you have an address in Japan
  • Content and dates subject to change.
  • By participating, you agree to the terms outlined on the application page.

"Foolproof" microwavable omurice from Nippon Ham

Nippon Ham's Fukuro no mama dekiru omurice 袋のままできるオムライ (which literally means "omurice you can make right out of the bag") is a new way of making omurice that almost guarantees perfect results every time. All you need to do is add beaten eggs to the package and heat it up in the microwave oven. (You can follow the instructions below).

The package can be stored at room temperature and has a shelf life of over three months. (The sample we received today, February 19th, had an expiration date of June 5th, 2020)

Fukuro no mama dekiru omurice is available in Chicken Rice and Curried Rice flavors. They go on sale from February 20th and will be available for 270 JPY (excl. tax) in supermarkets and grocery stores throughout Japan.

Courtesy of © NH Foods, Ltd.

Courtesy of © NH Foods, Ltd.

For more information, please visit Nippon Ham's website here.

How to make

(Note: English translations are ours)

Courtesy of © NH Foods, Ltd.

About Moe Iori

Courtesy of © NH Foods, Ltd.

In the four years since she began cosplaying with her own original outfits, Moe Iori has earned a name for herself both at home and abroad. In addition to cosplay, she is also active as a radio personality and a gravure (glamour photography) model. A regular presence on magazine covers, she had the best-selling cover in 2019 for Weekly Jump.


I was very nervous since I felt a lot of responsibility shooting a video for a new products. But I heard I would go visit many places and finally climb a snowy mountain, so I was looking forward to the shoot. Speaking of which, the omurice smelled good during the shooting! I love omurice, so I went to eat omurice immediately after the shooting was over! (...) I was surprised to see how thin the product is. Since it's easy to stock, I think I'll keep a supply at home.

Moe Iori


By - Ben K.