Bubble tea’s popularity has positively exploded in Japan. The mad rush has inspired many novel and creative ways to serve up the chewy beverage. And to be honest, we’d be at a loss if we couldn’t find a cherry blossom-inspired boba at any of Tokyo’s myriad bubble tea stands this spring.

Comma Tea, a boba purveyor known for their undeniably Instagrammable beverages have bloomed their own sakura creation, flavouring their tea with a springtime twist.

The milky base is flavoured with sakura and strawberry sauces, and yoghurt gives it a luxurious creaminess. To finish off the springtime look, the tea is topped with a generous helping of cream and a sprinkling of sakura chocolate shavings and strawberry powder to resemble delicate cherry blossom petals.

But it’s not just the tea itself which is flavoured with the ultimate sign of spring, the tapioca pearls themselves have been stewed in a sauce made of cherry blossom flowers and leaves, infusing it with a real taste of sakura. These floral-flavoured toppings can be added for 70 yen extra, giving a seasonal twist to any beverage you like.

Several branches of Comma Tea can be found in various Japanese cities, check out their website for a full shop list!

By - Jess.