While it seems like Kirby fans in Tokyo have won the game, being blessed with a permanent cafe dedicated to the round, pink idol in their own backyard, it turns out other Japanese cities are on the radar for a more enduring culinary tribute to the character.

Next month, the cafe is reappearing down south in Hakata, Fukuoka, for a permanent iteration, and there’s plenty of adorable, exclusive dishes to be enjoyed, all inspired by the shiny and fun world of Kirby.

Kirby's meatball curry is served in a super cute Kirby lunch box, and if you order the menu item you also get your own handy lunch box to take home with you.

For extreme pizza enthusiasts, pizza can be both your main and your dessert.

Once again the Kirby Cafe is utilising a stone pizza oven, and for presentation, the original Kirby pizza plate makes a comeback, perfectly sized to make it look as though a whole pizza has been lodged in his open mouth.

In addition to these savoury treats, sweet pizza creations are on offer too, including a super cute starry apple one.

Lovers of the kawaii and pastel aesthetic will love Kirby’s adorably decorated parfait.

But for those who like their dessert to tell a story, there’s the dessert plate which portrays Kirby’s own Dream Land abode.

The whole menu along with prices can be found online. There's also plenty of merchandise on offer at the cafe, including goods exclusive to the Hakata venue.

The Kirby Cafe is reservation only, so be sure to snag your spot by booking through the website! Reservations for the new permanent cafe will start from 25th February 12pm Japan time, and the cafe itself will open its doors from 12th March 2020.

By - Jess.