Funabashiya 船橋屋 is a venerable establishment with 214 years of history in Tokyo. They are most famous for a jelly-like dessert called kuzumochi 葛餅, a Tokyo specialty, made with fermented wheat starch, as well as other traditional sweets. Their sister brand Funabashiya Koyomi 船橋屋こよみ aims to provide sophisticated offerings blending Japanese and Western tastes.

Now, just in time for the first blooms of sakura, Funabashiya Koyomi is offering a sakura version of their most popular dessert, the kuzumochi pudding くず餅プリン

Sakura Kuzumochi Pudding

This seasonal dessert allows you to enjoy the subtle and gentle flavor of sakura. The addition of Japanese cherry creates a refreshing tart note which blends harmoniously with the pudding. The secret of the comforting texture of the pudding is wheat starch fermented in lactic acid for 450 days. It's a pudding unique to Funabashiya that uses ingredients from kuzumochi.

Not only delicious but visually appealing, it's the perfect pick-me-up or afternoon snack to enjoy during the cherry blossom season.

Hiroo Main Store

You can enjoy the Sakura Kuzumochi Pudding at the main store in Hiroo or order it for takeout to have at your hotel or wherever you'd like to enjoy a taste of Japanese spring.

It's also available at the Perrier Chiba Ekinaka store, the Ecute Tokyo Store and the Ecute Edition Shibuya Store.

Product Information

  • Name (JP): 桜くず餅プリン
  • Name (EN): Sakura Kuzumochi Pudding
  • Price: 400 JPY (excl. tax)
  • Availability: Between February 26th and April 14th
  • Where: Hiroo Main Store, Perrier Chiba Ekinaka store, Ecute Tokyo Store, Ecute Edition Shibuya Store
  • Note: contains liqueur

For more information about Funabashiya Koyomi, please visit their homepage here.

By - Ben K.