International interest in koi (Amur carp), in particular the colored varieties known as nishikigoi which have traditionally been kept for decorative purposes, is booming. As reported by the Japan News (Yomiuri Shimbun), "exports of koi and other freshwater ornamental fish rose from ¥2.22 billion in 2008 to ¥4.3 billion in 2018, roughly doubling over the past decade."

In response to this interest and the expanding koi market, KaaP Corp. has launched the beta version of KoiFan, a new online platform where information on nishikigoi can be exchanged freely online.

According to their press release, this new platform does away with the middlemen who are traditionally involved in the koi trading business and whose services jack up the price of koi two to four times (and sometimes even ten times).

KaaP Corp. founder and CEO Mr. GENJI Takafumi was charmed by the beautiful nishikigoi from a young age, but gave up on buying them because of their elevated price and because he had no access to information on their market value. In launching KoiFan, he hopes to address this problem by creating a system whereby Japanese carp breeders can directly sell the koi they have bred with loving care to buyers around the world, thereby raising the profile of nishikigoi and contributing to the further growth of the koi market.

Individual koi are presented with their own file, complete with detailed background information, photos, videos, and, of course, a button to click for those who are interested in buying it.


For the time being, the beta version is in Japanese with registration available to buyers and sellers with Japanese addresses. However, the press release explains that the site will have "foreign customer support" from this summer. If their Facebook page (see below) is any indication, this probably means at least English language support, and presumably, registration for members with addresses outside of Japan.

For more information on KoiFan, please visit the website (now in Beta) here.

By - Ben K.

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