Whether you're just a casual fan, are experimenting with entry-level avatar-creation and broadcasting apps or are an experienced performer who has already gained a solid following, the world of Virtual Youtubers (or VTubers for short) has a lot to offer.

As a VTuber, you're free to create a persona with the appearance of your choosing and you can give free rein to your talents in any number of ways. Whether it's singing, playing your original music, streaming games, chatting or even dancing (if you have the right equipment to track your motions), you can reach audiences and interact with them without the limitations of space.

Now it looks like you can add bartending in a real bar to the list of things you can do.

Luppet Cafe

Starting from March 1st as a pre-opening phase and in full operation from April 1st, cafe and bar Luppet Cafe in Akihabara, operated by Sotokanda Corp., is a new permanent establishment where visitors and virtual bartenders can interact.

Customers can spend one-on-one time with the virtual bartender of their choice (with no other customers present) while enjoying alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and cafe fare in a bar conveniently located just a minute's walk from Akihabara Station.

Since the system is not dependent on a commercial broadcasting platform (which often take a king's ransom out of Vtubers' earnings), bartenders can receive 50% of earnings, which includes the price of tickets and any sales revenue made by Luppet Cafe during the time they work. Moreover, there are no limitations on who can register as a bartender, with both individual and corporate registration allowed. Finally, bartenders can work from home in a safe and comfortable environment.

Although the attractions of a virtual bar such as this is by no means limited to the fact that the interaction can occur without physical human proximity, opportunities of this nature surely take on a greater appeal during public health crises such as the one we are currently experiencing due to the novel coronavirus. (This statement is the author's opinion and does not reflect any endorsement or recommendation by Luppet Cafe).

For more information on Luppet Cafe, to view the schedules of the bartending staff currently registered, or to register as a bartender yourself, please visit Luppet Cafe's website here.

You can also enjoy a 360 degree view of the cafe by visiting the Theta camera links here and here.

Address (JP): 〒101-0025 東京都千代田区神田佐久間町1丁目16-1 大橋ビル702

Address (EN): 702 Ohashi Bldg., 1-16-1 Sakumacho Kanda, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo 101-0025

By - Ben K.