Like many people in Japan and lovers of Japanese sweets around the world, Japanese photographer and designer Kirishima (@untilthefalling) is a fan of melonpan. A sweet bread very similar to Mexican conchas or pinapple buns in Hong Kong, these pastries are made from an enriched dough and covered in a thin layer of crisp cookie dough with just the right texture.

However, it would seem that his love of melonpan (or, as he admits, perhaps the effects of being inebriated, or both) caused him to make quite a blunder when he was coming home from work last Friday:

In a Tweet which has over 88,000 likes and 27,000 retweets at the time of writing, he posted the following picture of what he thought was a melonpan:

A closer look at the label reveals the story behind this case of mistaken identity:

The first line says: "Produced in Kusunecho, Anan City, Tokushima Prefecture."

The second line starts with the name of the farmer: "Chiemi Yuasa" and then the name of the product.

You probably guessed it by now: "Cauliflower"

We all make mistakes...

So, next time you're out shopping for melonpan, be sure to check twice, especially if you're in the fruits and vegetables section.

If you're interested, please check out Kirishima's photography and design work on Twitter, Instagram and his page on note.

By - Ben K.