With the 2020 Olympic Games coming up, people from not only Japan but all over the world are buzzing in anticipation of the big event.

For those fans eager to take part in the event or want to experience the thrill of the Games and happen to come to Tokyo this year, we recommend visiting the Japan Olympic Museum.

The museum was opened from September 2019 and currently holds a limited exhibition until the 15th of March.

If you want to experience being an athlete yourself, have a fun time in Tokyo and learn more about the Olympics, then you should pay a visit to the museum and especially try out the interactive area!

Japan Olympic Museum has three areas you can visit:

1. Welcome Area on the 1st Floor

The Welcome Area on the first floor is free of charge and has a very nice atmosphere surrounding it.

You can take your time and either go to the café, research at the Olympic study center, enjoy the welcome area where you can see some of the most thrilling movements and moments of the Games or look around the museum shop and see if you can find some cool souvenirs.

Sometimes you can take part in free exhibitions in the welcome salon as events and displays are held on the first floor.

2. Exhibition Area on the 2nd Floor

If you want to go upstairs to the Exhibition Area, you’ll have to pay a fee of 500 yen (for adults), however children up to high school (high school included) are free of charge.

The 2nd Floor is by far the most exciting part of the museum and you get to discover so much more about the Olympics and athletes.

It is very interesting to see all the torches used until now, the items used in the past and displays with all the participating athletes and countries.

There is also a lot of history behind the Olympics and many things to absorb, but after you get the knowledge, the interactive area hits in and you even get to measure your skills as an athlete.

Do you think you have what you need to take up the Olympic athletic challenge?

Interestingly, you can measure your abilities and see how much closer you can get to their records and their physical abilities.

Jump, run and take your chances!

After all the sweat, relax a bit and watch a few videos of the past Olympic Games, the athletes’ thoughts and take a few moments to process everything. Then, ask yourself what are the Olympic Games for you?

3. Monument Floor

The monument floor is situated outside and as the name says, it is an area full of meaningful monuments related to the Games.

It is quite a wide space, surrounded by green, so you can take time and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere around while taking a stroll.

The opening hours are 10 am to 5 pm, but note that the museum will be closed on Mondays and National Holidays.

For more information, check out the Japan Olympic Museum Official Website.

Have a great time and immerse yourself in the Games at the Olympic Museum in Tokyo!

If you are in Japan until the 15th of March, 2020 you can also enjoy the Gallery Discussion, a special exhibition, free of charge, on the 1st floor, in the Welcome Venue.

The discussion highlights the origin of Olympism and allows you to understand Pierre de Coubertin’s thoughts and desires better.


The museum is situated close to the Gaienmae station (around 5 minutes’ walk from there) and on your way there, you can also pass by the Meiji Jingu Gaien as it is nearby.

The closest train station is Gaienmae on Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, but you can also get off at Kyokuritsu-Kyogijo(10 minutes by foot), Sendagaya(12 minutes by foot) or ShinanoMachi station (12 minutes by foot).

By - cinnamonellie.