Domino’s new “Big Wednesday” deal is making waves. Although many find themselves craving pizza and wings on the weekend, maybe you just can’t get through the workweek without rewarding yourself. Or like me, could eat pizza every day of the week feeling only slightly shameful. Perhaps Domino’s experiences a lull in pizza orders on the weekdays, or perhaps they just want to help everyone get through the week. Pizza in Japan is generally pretty expensive and Domino’s is no exception. I never order Domino’s unless I’ve got a good coupon. But for a while now they’ve been offering a truly great deal on Wednesday’s that’s hard to resist. Luckily, I only found out about it this February, though it’s been going on since last year.

What’s the Big Deal?

Whereas the normal price for a medium pizza from Domino’s starts at 1,800 yen plus tax, (plain cheese is 1,100 yen plus tax), you can now get 3 mediums for 2,400 yen plus tax.

The deal is only good for Happy Range 1 and 2 pizzas, as well as the American Classic series, which does include over 20 kinds of pizzas.

You could also opt to pay 3,000 yen for 3 Regular Size, or 3,600 yen for 3 Large Size pizzas (plus tax).

It is unclear for how long Domino’s plans to continue its “Big Wednesday” discount.

I took advantage of the deal last Wednesday and ordered myself a Domino’s Deluxe, Philly Cheesesteak, and… well, I went crazy and ordered a half Margherita, half Garlic Master.

Photo by Mujo

Photo by Mujo

Photo by Mujo

Just to Compare

In my neighborhood, there’s a local place called Dai’s Pizza, which serves up “American style” pies. They offer a pretty big 45 cm pepperoni pizza starting at 999 yen. They’ve got 21 variations with the most expensive being 1,999 yen. The pizza’s really not bad, but not all of you are lucky enough to have a Dai’s nearby.

Pizza Hut is also pretty popular across Japan and is comparable in price and taste to Domino’s. At the moment they’re offering a 30% off deal good for all pizzas. In this case you could buy two Medium pizzas but still end up paying over 3,000 yen. Or you could take advantage of their “buy one get one” deal, but you’ll still only end up with two pizzas.

Of course, if you are able to resist temptation and cook your own food, I personally applaud you. You are healthier than I. But if you just want to relax and order delivery, then this deal is one you should know about.

And yeah, I did it again this week…

Photo by Mujo

By - Mujo.