Tokyo·Tokyo Official Souvenir Shop makes its debut at Haneda Airport

Tokyo·Tokyo Official Souvenir Shop made its debut in Haneda airport on February 22nd. The store which sells Tokyo souvenirs in collaboration with independent design companies was opened by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government on the 4th floor of Haneda airport’s Edo-Koji street.

With the airport being the starting point of travel for both domestic and foreign travellers, the store aims to showcase the appeal of Tokyo through a variety of souvenirs from a number of sightseeing locations across the city.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has formulated a “Tokyo Branding Strategy” and hopes to effectively promote Tokyo as a travel destination to both foreign and domestic travelers using special souvenirs. As part of the new strategy, the theme; Tokyo·Tokyo: Old meets New, was formulated. The theme will see various depictions of traditional and modern aspects of Tokyo’s culture merged together in the Tokyo·Tokyo souvenirs. The logo of the project emulates the theme through the mash-up of traditional ink calligraphy and modern sans serif gothic typeface.

The Tokyo souvenir production project will see the Tokyo Metropolitan Government work alongside independent design companies to jointly develop and sell products using the Tokyo·Tokyo brand. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government sources and selects products from renowned designers in Tokyo and then works with the creative director to produce the objects for the Tokyo·Tokyo: Old meets New theme. To date, the project has produced more than 50 different Tokyo souvenirs, including but not limited to, traditional crafts, stationery and food.

The inside of the store is decorated with line drawings that depict two of Tokyo’s most prominent locations; the traditional area of Asakusa and the futuristic and busy hub of Shibuya.

In addition to selling the special Tokyo·Tokyo souvenirs, the store will run workshops focusing on traditional Japanese crafts where visitors are encouraged to make original Japanese daruma and classical origami designs.

Store location and overview

  • Location: Edo Koji, Haneda Airport International Passenger Terminal 4F 2-6-5 Haneda Airport, Ota-ku, Tokyo
  • Business Hours: Daily 8:00 am - 21:00 PM
  • Store Mission: To sell official Tokyo·Tokyo: Old meets New jointly made by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and independent designers from Tokyo.
  • Items for sale: Tokyo·Tokyo Daruma/ Edo Maneki Neko/ Tokyo·TokyoJigsaw Puzzle/ Tokyo·TokyoMug Cup/ T-shirts and other items

By - Connie Sceaphierde.