Suntory Holdings LTD. has announced a new “Suntory Blue” drink range which is set to be released across the nation on Tuesday May 12.

Japan’s popular brewing company says that their experimental ranges have been performing well, with the range of 2019 receiving the highest volume of sales ever. The company states that their customer’s tastes are changing little by little, and whilst there are those who prefer the taste of traditional beer, there are others who appreciate the exciting and refreshing tastes that have been cropping up in the new drink selections.

Some of the new selections include “Magnum Dry”, “Grand Gold”, “Seven Premium The Brew” and the “Gold Wheat” range.

In response to customer feedback, the brewing company aims to revitalize the beer market by launching “Suntory Blue”, a refreshing new drink range that focuses on using natural water and ale yeast.

To brew the new range the company utilizes ale yeast, known for its fruity and complex flavour, and cascade hop which is known for its spicy qualities, as well as the high quality 100% natural water unique to Suntory. By optimizing the balance between bitterness and sweetness, Suntory Blue aims to awaken the senses with its refreshing aroma and ease of drinking.

The packaging design for the new release from Suntory.| © PR Times, Inc.

The packaging of the new drink selection sees the “Suntory Blue” logo placed in the centre of the can against a backdrop of snowy mountains, symbolizing the thrilling and refreshing taste of the new drink.

Alongside the release of the new drink selection, Suntory plans to launch a number of TV commercials, posters and social media advertisements aiming to promote and stimulate demand for future experimental ranges. By working closely with its consumers, the company hopes that they can continue to create new and interesting drink ranges.

The new Suntory Blue range is set to be released nationwide on May 12 and will come available in two separate sizes, 350ml (5%) and 500ml (5%). More information about the new drink and about Suntory can be found here.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.