Fukuoka represents one of the 6th largest cities in the Japanese archipelago and is the biggest city of Kyushu Prefecture.

One of the Kyushu’s main attractions during spring is the cherry blossoms that bloom in Fukuoka considered offering one of the most beautiful views in Japan.

Fukuoka is very popular among tourists, so many visitors come during spring or summer when festivals take place.

From Late March to early April, you can enjoy a splendid view of sakura trees in any of the places below:

Maizuru Park

Maizuru Park is probably one of the most famous out there when it comes to not only hanami(flower viewing) but visiting in general.

You will discover the ruins of the Fukuoka Castle and a beautiful place to explore especially during springs when it gets filled with hundreds of sakura trees of various kinds and offer the most magnificent view you’ll ever see.

At night, you can even enjoy the illuminations and during the festivals, there are lots of food stalls around so you can have a bite of the matsuri food.


Uminonakamichi Seaside Park

Pack your bento or buy some cold drinks and lunch boxes from the supermarket, find a spot to sit down and enjoy the sakura in Uminonakamichi Seaside Park.

Many people gather here and have small parties, but if you prefer walking, you can take your time and stroll, or even cycle around the park while enjoying the surroundings and the fresh air.


Nishi park

With more than a thousand trees of different cherry blossom types, Nishi Park is one of the best sakura viewing places in Fukuoka.

You will find delicious local food, fantastic sceneries including the collaboration between sakura trees and Terumo Shrine, many Instagrammable spots and a lovely ambient to spend your holiday.


These are my top places to go for hanami and if you want to spend an exciting day in the festive atmosphere of spring festivals or just have a relaxing day, Fukuoka is for you as both options are available.

During the sakura season, Fukuoka will be painted in many shades of pink wherever you decide to go and besides the places introduced, there are many other interesting choices in the city or its surroundings.

You can discover many shrines or temples such as Kushida Shrine or Tochoji Temple, where one of Japan’s biggest statues, Fukuoka Buddha is, go to the museums around, try out the local food, go shopping or simply walk around the town.

By - cinnamonellie.