If you are in Japan during February- April and experience sneezing, eye irritation, a runny nose, sometimes even headaches, then you should know that these are the main symptoms of pollinosis, also known as hay fever.

Most Japanese suffer a strong reaction because of the Japanese cedar pollen, but other types such as Hinoki cypress or pine trees pollen can also be the cause of the Kafunsho (花粉症/hay fever) allergies.

There are about 50 types of pollen in Japan and because of the trees’ pollen quantity that can be found in the air, the people suffering from it are increasing annually.

Some might not even be aware that pollen is the cause, especially if they come from abroad.

You’ll see news about it and its quantity every day and to prevent it, wearing a mask is probably the best way to do so.

Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus threat, at present, it can be quite hard to find masks in the drug stores or supermarkets, so it might be a good idea to order it online(although the prices can get much higher than the original one if you are ordering it on Amazon, for example).

Because of the amount of cedar pollen scattered in the air, patients have been increasing in number and many are troubled by the hay fever.

Hay Fever in Japan

In Japan, it has become quite serious because of the large number of trees such as cedars and cypress trees planted in the past that are now mature and produce a higher level of pollen.

I get a runny nose, keep sneezing and also get a headache during this period of the year.

Because my nose is clogged most of the time, I start breathing out of the mouth, so my throat gets super dry. Furthermore, that causes me problems when trying to fall asleep.

Most people in Japan, have about the same symptoms as me, some even accompanied by slugginess, rashes and eye irritation.

How to treat it?

To see if you have allergies, it is recommended to do a blood test and skin allergy tests.

To treat hay fever is recommended to stop by a medical institution and consult with a doctor for proper medication.

They can prescribe you good treatments and medication such as pills or even injections.

For nasal congestion, I also recommend “Allegra” or Nasal Spray.

Be cautious and take measures

To prevent it, you should avoid pollen as much as possible.

You shouldn’t open the windows too often, dry the laundry outside, etc.

To relieve the symptoms, wearing a mask and glasses to protect yourself whenever going outside is indicated.

I usually buy Pollen Blocker Spray during this period and it helps a lot.

Keep your house, clothes clean and you’ll make your life easier during the hay fever season.

Hay fever might get you sluggish and you’ll feel like doing nothing all day, so it is important to take measures in advance if you want to avoid it as much as possible.

By - cinnamonellie.