Floresta Doughnuts, a chain which specialises in organic ‘nature’ doughnuts, have become known for their super cute animal shaped treats. The shop originally started in Nara and, due to its popularity, spread throughout Kansai and even further to the whole of Japan, with branches throughout the country.

But just when you thought their creature creations couldn’t get any cuter, they’ve now teamed up with one of the leading companies in kawaii, Sanrio. The creators of Hello Kitty and Gudetama have lent the likeness of some of their most popular characters to some limited-time only seasonal doughnuts.

Last month, Floresta Doughnuts released adorable Sanrio Valentine’s Day treats for loved-up character fans to enjoy. Now in the Japanese tradition, one month later they are required to follow up for ‘White Day’. In the land of the rising sun, Valentine’s Day is a time for women and girls to give chocolate to the males in their lives, and on 14th March, White Day, the girls get their chocolatey gifts from the boys.

For Valentine’s Day, My Melody and Kuromi were portrayed in doughnut form, but for White Day they’ve gone for the floppy-eared Cinnamoroll and his friend Mocha which will be available from 1st until 7th March. Both ring doughnuts are coated with strawberry chocolate and a chocolate heart decoration really underlines the romantic theme. The handmade characters’ cutest feature is their big ears made from organic cashew nuts.

Not only are there two character doughnuts to enjoy, but after their initial run there’s even an adorable cup of bite-size doughnut balls on offer from 8th March until 14th, featuring both main character Cinnamoroll and his buddy Cappuccino.

No artificial colouring is used in the doughnuts whatsoever and every part of them is edible. Each one is carefully made by hand so there are only limited amounts available. These special Sanrio collaboration doughnuts will be available in select branches across Japan, check out Floresta’s website for a full list of shops where the doughnuts can be bought!

By - Jess.