BT21, the super popular characters created by messaging app LINE and K-pop group BTS, keep coming back to Japan for more and more pop-up cafes, bringing with them new and original menu items every time.

The phenomenon has returned for 2020, with two distinct concepts for the characters. One is ‘Spring Party’, showing the team looking suave in top hat and tails, and then the other end of the spectrum, ’Baby BT21’. Get you a rag-tag, interspecies gang of idol wannabes that can do both.

From early March, the cafe is popping up in three locations, two in Tokyo and one in Osaka. Tokyo’s Omotesando venue and the Osaka cafe will both play host to the fancy ‘spring party’ BT21 menu.

The cafe will operate with a set menu meaning that patrons can choose any food they want and have it decorated with the flag of their character of choice, rather than assigning a character to a certain food. If you choose a main, you can add a soup in an adorable character glass, or a jelly for your dessert.

There’s also various party-themed drinks, each representing one of the BT21 lineup.

But Tokyo’s Solamachi pop-up will be the place to find the cuter side of the characters. Unlike the party concept, Solamachi’s menu has one dish portraying each character.

The same drinks lineup is available as the other venues, but this time decorated in the baby BT21 style.

All customers will be gifted with an adorable BT21 sticker and if you order a drink you can also get your hands on an original coaster.

But regardless of location, the merchandise of both themes can be found in any of the three cafes.

The themed menu will be landing at:

TOKYO BOX cafe&space Omotesando: 5th-29th March 2020

TOKYO BOX cafe&space Tokyo Solamachi: 28th February-23rd March 2020

UMEDA BOX cafe&space: 5th March-19th April 2020

Check out the official website for full menu and to reserve a table!

By - Jess.