Smartphones, tablets, smart devices…all are now part of our daily lives and with the evolution in technology happening recently, I feel that Reiwa is the beginning of drastic changes in our daily lives. Many electronic devices and gadgets have appeared on the market and promise us an easier life and a more convenient way of living.

There is a wide range of such products and even earphones, watches are now appearing in many models, all promising our connection to the virtual world and the internet. Between these items, some are unique and interesting, plus they bring us more comfort as initially promised.

Here are some of our picks for this year:

1. evaCHILL Personal Air Cooler

In Japan, especially Kanto, Kansai and Kyushu areas, summers can be pretty dreadful. The house smells, you get mold on your things because of the humidity, it’s hot and you feel sticky and sweaty all the time. Again, winters can be pretty dry and cold, too… So, you’d think what to do? What should I buy to make my life easier? Well, this personal air cooler not only cools down the room temperature but also humidifies and even cleans the air! A friend bought it as a birthday present for herself after seeing the good reviews online, so she deeply recommended it. Her life now is much better than mine. At least, much cooler and fresher.

Available from Amazon.

2. NEW'S microSDHC 32GB class10 UHS-1

Be fast because this one sells like hotcakes due to its limited quantity and high popularity. Suitable for smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, game consoles, etc., this product can transfer data at a high speed of 10 UHS-1 and has a capacity of 32 GB!

3. PhotoCube for iOS

PhotoCube is a microSD card reader that can also back up simultaneously while charging iOS. Keep in mind that it is compatible only with the latest Iphones and Ipads.

4. PLUS DOT Simple wood Desk Clock Cloud type; limited edition

A very oshare(trendy) wooden clock with a stylish design that will match any type of room. Also available from Amazon.

5. Coca-Cola & Drip Coffee Maker

The capsule-type coffee maker can brew a delicious coffee that tastes like hand-dripped coffee and that made it so popular it sold over 400 units in only one week!

It has an adorable shape and the design is made by the world-class designer Oki Sato, the head of the design office Nendo and it’s also one of the reasons why it makes this coffee maker sell out super-fast.

Not only is it made to “hand -drip” the coffee, but it focuses on blends master roasters curated while imitating the circular pouring techniques. More information on the Coca Cola Japan's Website.

6. MITSUBISHI’s tableware dryer

The tableware dryer can be easily used and it is compact, so you can place it in your kitchen even if there’s not much space. Most Japanese kitchens are very small and there’s hardly any place to put your tableware, microwave, etc. however this dryer’s size is 48.8 x 42.6 x 35.4 cm and can probably easily fit in your kitchen. An antibacterial hose is included and the high temperature of 90 ° C blowing from 3 directions will quickly drain your plates just by placing the tip on the sink.

Available on Rakuten Japan.

These are my top recommendations for 2020 when it comes to convenient and useful gadgets so give them a chance for an easier life.

By - cinnamonellie.