This delicious event takes place every year in Kitami during Mid-Winter when approximately 1,900 people gather in the same place during the cold month of February.

Kitami-shi is part of the Hokkaido Prefecture and is pretty known for the many yakiniku restaurants and their unmeasurable love for meat so there is no surprise they came up with such an interesting festival that quickly gathered attention from people worldwide.

Many foreigners are coming to this festival just to grill some meat in a parking lot at a temperature of -17/-18 degrees. It is so popular that people are even willing to fight with the cold just to eat a good piece of grilled meat and have a nice sip of beer before it freezes in the can.

What are the requirements to participate in this festival?

The event asks you to buy a ticket in advance that costs approximately 2,000 yen. You will get meat (around 300grams), onions (100 grams) and lots of beverages. The organizers prepare the small grills called "shichirin" together with the sauce, chopsticks, etc. so all you have to do is come with your ticket, find a spot and enjoy the festive atmosphere


The shochu quickly travels through your body and eventually gets to your head, so you’ll see people even getting off their clothes at temperatures below -15 degrees. Pretty crazy, I know. However, don’t get scared, it’s part of the fun!

Even though the weather is super cold and freezing, sometimes you even see ice cream being sold, people only wearing pants in conditions where beers and yakiniku sauce freezes in seconds (that’s how low temperatures are!), but again that’s one of this festival’s charms.

You get meat, veggies and a dose of fun for only 2,000 yen and it is worth the experience. However, don’t forget to dress warmly, wear boots, innerwear (I recommend heat tech), maybe 2 pairs of socks, gloves, and hat. Otherwise, you’ll probably freeze to death, especially if you are weak to cold temperatures like I am. Get Kairo heat pads in your pockets and a cozy outfit and enjoy this awesome event next time you plan a trip to Hokkaido!

By - cinnamonellie.