The Pokemon Shirts project started as a way for people to show their Pokemon love even in the corporate world. A collaboration between Pokemon and Original Stitch, the slick designs wouldn’t look out of place at a business meeting, and depending on the pattern itself, your boss may have to get pretty close to notice the Magikarp flapping about on your breast pocket.

Since the whole design, including base fabric, inner and outer collar, cuffs, pockets and so on, is customisable, you can match it to your company’s dress code, or just make the Pokemon shirt of your dreams to wear whenever you feel like it.

Despite the fact that children are most likely not a part of the corporate world, this smart Pokemon apparel has proved so popular, that the company has added kids sizes to their roster.

Now, the whole family can rep their fave Pocket Monsters, without sacrificing dapperness. In a cute touch, the logo of the kids range is a Pichu, while the adult’s range features Pikachu.

Previously the first 151 Pokemon were all available to feature in your customised design, as well as plenty of premade patterns. The Pokemon Shirts Company have now just announced that 100 new original prints will be added to their lineup, featuring Pokemon from the Gold and Silver era.

But don’t worry if your favourite Pokemon come from different generations, the new patterns can also be combined with the existing prints.

Due to popular demand, the company are hosting online presales now for some of the new designs. Those who participate will receive a complementary Pokemon handkerchief to complete the look, and a free shipping coupon for their next order.

They ship to various countries worldwide so if the idea of designing the perfect Pokemon shirt piques your fancy, head over to their website to check out the new designs!

By - Jess.