While nothing can beat the natural beauty of Japan’s famous cherry blossom viewing spots, there’s also plenty of less conventional ways to enjoy the spring season. For example, there’s a cherry blossom bar in Tokyo with a petal-filled pool, or for those who enjoy digital art, you may want to make a visit to Shinagawa’s Maxwell Aqua Park.

The aquarium is receiving an awesome seasonal makeover thanks to digital art collective, Naked, who have used their expertise to combine sound, light and images with the venue’s resident aquatic creatures, creating gorgeous spring-inspired scenes.

There will be five different ways to enjoy the charms of spring in the aquarium.

Firstly various tanks will be taken over by cherry blossom decorations and projections in which the swimming fish could be compared to dancing petals falling from the trees.

There will also be a penguin performance where the digital art works together with the penguins’ movements.

The third way to enjoy will be through taste with a limited time only menu in the aquarium’s cafe, featuring traditional spring Japanese treats and pretty drinks that match the stunning digital art.

Patrons can enjoy a daytime spring-inspired event, a bright and boisterous dolphin performance.

Then the last feature of cherry blossom to enjoy is ‘night sakura’, which is when the trees get illuminated after dark. This is represented through an evening dolphin performance and the magical jellyfish room.

Until the end of March the aquarium’s entrance fee is discounted from 2300 yen to 1840 yen which is a sizeable saving. The Naked Sakura Aquarium event itself is going on from 1st March until 19th April 2020.

More information about performance times can be found on the Aqua Park's website.

By - Jess.