Co-produced by Wright Flyer Live Entertainment (WFLE) and IP Production company Ficty., virtual girls hip hop duo KMNZ (KEMONOZ) have made quite a name for themselves since they launched in June 2018. Hailing from the "land of kemomimi" (kemo, short for kemono 獣, meaning animal, and mimi 耳, meaning ear), MC Liz sports cat ears and Lita sports dog ears. They've performed at concerts and DJ events in addition to entertaining KMNHZ (Kemono Heads) on virtual streaming platform REALITY, as well as their own respective YouTube channels (Lita / Liz). In November 2019, they released their first album KMNVERSE.

JR West, recognizing KMNZ's growing popularity abroad through guest performances at several anime expos, tapped the virtual unit for their latest promotional video geared towards international tourists. The video, called "Easy going, Hakata" shows a foreigner traveling on JR West and exploring the wealth of tourist attractions which the Hakata area has to offer. Locations featured are Yanagawa 柳川, the Miyajidake Shrine 宮地嶽神社, Tenjin 天神, Furuyu Onsen 古湯温泉 and Arita 有田:

According to the press release, the "image song" for the video, "Journey," (Produced by YACA IN DA HOUSE / Lyrics by C. Yaca) was created "by imagining the anticipation of travel, the wonder of making new discoveries and the excitement of experiencing Japan for the first time."

"Journey" will be made available for digital distribution later this year.

By - Ben K.