Papabubble, a company with origins in Barcelona, call themselves "the world's most interesting candymaker." They pride themselves on candy as art, always experimenting and doing things that stand out from other candy shops. The Japanese branch continues that tradition, often using Japanese ingredients and motifs in their creations. For example, as we saw last year, they were the fastest company in Japan to offer commemorative candy printed with the name of the new era.

If they wanted to be really different, they've definitely succeeded with the latest offering in their White Day gift lineup:

Jewel Dentures

Yes, you're looking at a row of translucent candy teeth, implanted into a set of gums. According to the press release, the unconventional confection reflects this year's "jewel" theme. They explain: "in the United States and Europe, white and beautiful teeth are seen as 'a symbol of wealth' and a 'social status.' Papabubble has created candy jewels, a symbol of wealth, for adults living in the city. Receiving this sophisticated present, your girl will surely feel how much you value her."

Just imagine your significant other, enjoying tooth after tooth as she excitedly savors each different flavor. And after she has consumed all those delicious teeth, she'll be left with a toothless set of gums.

The "Jewel Dentures" cost 3,500 JPY and are available at all Papabubble shops. For more information, see their website here.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.