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Nogizaka 46 members savor the moment with ASAHI SUPER DRY in new commercial

Savor the moment

The fourth in a series for ASAHI SUPER DRY’s Spring 2020 season starring Mai Shiraishi, Manatsu Akimoto, Mai Shinuchi and Kana Nakada of the popular Japanese idol group Nogizaka 46, this commercial called “Spring: Departure” begins with the four girls heading out to a farewell party for Shiraishi, who is leaving to study abroad.

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While enjoying the cherry blossoms at night, they miss their time together and share tears, but they all come together in support of their friend's new venture.

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The special moment they savor together with a toast...

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...the spirit of which is reflected in the message displayed on a background of freshly poured ASAHI SUPER DRY: "Beer is good. This moment is irresistible."

The commercial ends with an image of Shiraishi cheerfully and confidently striding towards her departure gate in the airport.

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A 60-second version of the commercial will air from Sunday, March 8th and the 90-second full version from Sunday, March 15.

Behind the scenes: director comments

Nogizaka 46 fans might be interested in learning what happened behind the scenes.

According to the director, Maiyan, Manattan, Maichan and Kanarin were in perfect sync in their acting, so the shooting went smoothly. Playing four friends enjoying conversation under the fluttering cherry blossoms at night, it was clear to everyone that they were people who felt at ease with each other. During filming, Maiyan was so convincing, shedding tears as she reminisced on her own memories. They made poses and shared laughs that only they could understand (...) Their performance earned applause from all the on-site staff, and some of them cried. It was clear from their smiles which continued after filming what a tight-knit friendship they shared.

For more information on ASAHI SUPER DRY, visit their official homepage here. (You must be at least 20, the legal drinking age in Japan, to view the page)

By - Ben K.