When Japanese illustrator and manga artist Ponkichi (@PonkichiM) responded to Japan's Ministry of Finance announcement of new designs for the 1,000, 5,000, and 10,000-yen bills with an alternative shiba inu design, the canine alternative was so popular it spawned kitty spinoffs and even a mini-shiba inu bill merchandise.

Ponkichi's mame shiba inu currency designs ("mame shiba inu" means "bean shiba inu" in Japanese, referring to the breed's miniature size), are now getting a new pink makeover as a series of goods that seems perfect for cherry blossom season in Japan. And as evidence of their popularity, they'll be available from the official net stores of post offices in Japan!

The bills change the usual yen kanji of kanji 日本銀行 (Bank of Japan) to 日本豆柴銀行 (Mame Shiba Bank of Japan), and are decorated with Japanese Wegela and Asebi (evergreen bush), Japanese Robin, along with a mini shiba pup paw print seal.

Key Holders

Commuter Pass holders


Coin Purses

Orders are available from Japan Post's online store. The original mame shiba (as well as a mint colored mame shiba), shiba, and cat designs are available from Fur Baby and Space Factory.

By - Big Neko.