Japanese women's wrestlers can be just as a tough outside the ring--or even tougher, as wrestling legend Chigusa Nagayo proved when she stopped a man from assaulting a woman and broke her own finger in the process. Freelance women's wrestler Hiroyo Matsumoto recently went to Twitter to tell of another, although slightly more comical story of wrestling strength in daily life when she found her instincts as a wrestler accidentally surfacing against a surly passerby.

"As I was passing someone on the street, they came at me and bumped into me maliciously as if they were trying to knock me away, but because I have a habit of returning a blow if I get tackled, I accidentally sent him flying! I'm sorry...it was out of force of habit...I at least hope this can be an impetus for them to stop bumping into people."

In a case of funny timing, her wrestling colleague and occasional tag team partner DASH Chisako of Sendai Girls responded saying "The same thing happened to me yesterday!"

If you're wondering why someone would purposefully go around trying to bump into people, it's an unfortunate occurrence in Japan explained by the term butsukariya (bumpers, bumping guys), or men who deliberately bump (usually with force) into women inside crowded areas or train stations. One such case in Shinjuku Station raised attention to the issue and resulted in increased security and surveillance.

As for Matsumoto and DASH, commenters on Twitter are expressing gratitude with some saying "Thank you so much for knocking him away!", "Thank you! This is good medicine for that person!", "I want knock away a bustsukariya too!", while other women have shared similar experiences.

If you're one of these serial bumpers, (well, first of all, seek help) it might not be best to do it to someone who earned the name "Lady Destroyer" for breaking a wall and a hardcore match queen.

By - Big Neko.