Roa International Co. Ltd, a company which specialises in the production of unique mobile accessories have produced an official licensed LINE FRIENDS light up phone case exclusively for the new iPhone 11 Pro (5.8 inches, 6.1 inches).

The product utilizes the “LED flash notification” feature of the new iPhone, which sees the projection of the phone flashlight when receiving an incoming call or email. The engraved design on the back of the phone case will be highlighted when the feature is active and the phone receives a notification, creating a fun way to receive communication.

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Product Features of the Line Friends Light Up Phone Case

A cute LINE FRIENDS phone case featuring fun illuminations. The new product is a phone case where the case pattern is enhanced and highlighted by projecting light on the design using the LED flash notification function of iPhone 11.

When users receive a phone call or an e-mail, or when there is a SNS notification, even in silent mode, the iPhone flashlight will shine and illuminate the case design, creating a fun and interactive way to communicate. The light up phone case does not require a battery to work and the LED flash notification function does not use any battery of the iPhone.

The light up design is engraved into the phone case and is illuminated brightly when an LED light passes through the case.

In order for the case to light up, the iPhone camera must be covered. The light up phone case handles this with a sliding cover that can be easily opened or closed, which in addition to causing the case to light up is also very handy for protecting the iPhone camera when not in use.

The case is made of highly protective polycarbonate and TPU materials, ensuring complete protection of the iPhone and is easy to attach or remove.

Alongside the protective materials, the inside of the case is fully equipped with cushioning pads to prevent impact and shock from outside. Despite the sturdy structure, the case still allows wireless phone charging.

About Roa International

Roa International focuses on the development and distribution of unique technological accessories such as phone and tablet cases and designs as well as Laptop covers and bags.The company’s main market is based in Asia, but is expanding through its distribution network.

Roa International hopes to work closely with domestic accessory manufacturers to produce more officially licensed LINE FRIENDS products, which it hopes to expand sales for in the future.

The new cases come in 3 different designs with 8 different colours and are available to purchase for 3,600円* on Roa International’s Phone Case website.

*Pricing excludes tax

By - Connie Sceaphierde.