As parents struggle to find care for their children following the government's suggestion of nationwide school closure due to the Coronavirus, an increase in demand of babysitters has reached a matter of urgency. In response, Kids Line Co. Ltd, a babysitter and housekeeping company, has come up with a way to increase the number of eligible sitters.

Last week the Japanese government requested elementary, junior high and high schools, and special needs schools nationwide to take temporary closure from March 2 until spring break as one of the measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus COVID-19.

Following the announcement, a number of parents voiced concerns on finding childcare during the work day. As more parents have begun to worry where to take their children whilst they work, Kids Line has seen a surge in access to its babysitting platform which is accessible 24 hours a day. As of March 3rd, the platform has seen double the number of reservations from parents with elementary school children.

In addition to an increase in demand, the platform has also seen a rise in the number of babysitting applicants who want to help out during the crisis, with an increase of 3.5 times.

With regards to the lack of childcare across the nation, Kids Line aims to respond to the needs of its customers as efficiently as possible. They also plan to strengthen the support system for babysitters during this busy period.

In response to the surge in needs for sitters, the company will be offering a “thank you” bonus of 10,000円 to babysitter applicants who have childcare or nursing qualifications.

Kids Line currently has over 4,000 babysitters registered in Japan. Benefits of working with the company include a flexible rota catered to the sitter and the option for the sitter to choose their own hourly rate. Following a survey conducted in March 2019 the company concluded that 97% of Kids Line staff say they are satisfied with the job.

Source: PR Times

10,000円 Thank You Bonus

Applicants registering during March 2020 who have childcare or nursing qualifications and pass the company’s screening test will receive a 10,000円 bonus from Kids Line on May 20.

Eligible applicants must;

  • have a childcare or nursing qualification (even if they do not currently work in a care position)
  • register to Kids Line and pass the screening test
  • The selection process will take place online as the company has temporarily halted meetings and briefings at the head office in order to reduce the spread of infections. Sitters will be able to work after registering and having an interview online, taking an online test and completing online and on-site training.

    Before applying, the company asks all prospective staff to understand the following infectious disease prevention measures:

    • Kids Line will provide as much childcare service as possible, but will also take measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.
    • Sitters number one priority will be the health and safety of themselves and their relatives.
    • If a sitter has cold symptoms such as fever, they will cancel the childcare support in order to stop the risk of spreading infection.
    • The company strives to control the spread of infectious diseases by practicing safe measures such as basic cough etiquette, hand washing, wearing masks and touching doorknobs with handkerchiefs.
    • Staff will take body temperature measurements in the morning to ensure they are healthy to work.
    • Staff will not attend events nor take children where large groups of people gather, including busy periods on the trains.
    • Source: PR Times

      About Kids Line Co. Ltd

      Kids Line Co. Ltd is an online babysitter and housekeeping matching service that can be arranged on the same day from smartphones (iOS and Android version apps are available). Staff are available in all 47 prefectures across Japan.

      The company currently has more than 4,000 nursery teachers, kindergarten teachers, and mums with child raising experience. All staff have passed detailed interviews with the company and have gone through training so that they can provide the best possible service. Users of the app will be able to see detailed profiles of sitters as well as reviews from past bookings, ensuring that they get the right sitter.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.