We've covered some artists capable of producing amazingly realistic works of art by analog means. For example, Kei Mieno's photorealistic paintings of women and Kohei Ohmori's pencil-drawn can of Asahi Super Dry which looks good enough to drink.

And then there's 19-year-old Haru Otomi 音海はる (real name: Haruki Kudo 工藤陽輝) (@huwahuwa1_25) who draws animals which look like they could jump out from the page using only colored pencils. As we saw last year, he seems to have a flair for felines, drawing an incredibly realistic cat illustration that we wish we could pet.

Now, he's done it again, and this time with a much larger member of the cat family. Armed with only his pencils, his prodigious talent, and plenty of patience, he drew the amazing cheetah below, reproduced with Haru-san's kind permission:

With permission from Haru Otomi (@huwahuwa1_25)

Can't believe it's not a photo? Here's an in-process photo which proves it's an illustration:

With permission from Haru Otomi (@huwahuwa1_25)

He also Tweeted the following video which shows some of the astonishing detail:

Haruki Kudo, who is capable of such amazingly detailed art although blind in one eye, is a member of the color pencil illustration unit Irodoréal (@irodoreal). If you'd like to see more of his art, you can follow him on Twitter or Instagram.

With permission from Haru Otomi (@huwahuwa1_25)

Haru-san also works on commission and would be happy to hear from you if you have any work requests at haruharu122525@gmail.com

By - grape Japan editorial staff.