Master of cats Hogo Neko Hotate-san @hotatemamasan leads a busy life in Northern Japan. She shelters kittens and abandoned cats while also taking care of her own kitty Chibi and her human family members too!

Earlier this year, a mere 16-second-long video posted by Hogo Neko Hotate-san has warmed the hearts of almost 93,000 Twitter users at time of writing.

Just 4 weeks old, this little furball discovered how to stay warm on cold days. The kitten plopped itself down in front of the stove and made itself right at home.

But our little bundle of joy wasn’t the only kitten to realize the stove’s benefits. Soon a whole clutter of cats got comfy, stretching out or curling up nearby.

With permission from @hotatemamasan

Hogo Neko Hotatesan shared a longer video documenting the three kittens who were dumped on her doorstep together, Uni, Ikura, and Shimabi.

Many users shared images of their own cats belly up in front of their heaters like this one from

If you’re liked me and can’t get enough of cute cats, then check out Hogo Neko Hotatesan’s YouTube channel, which chronicles the adventures of her furry little friends.

保護猫ほたてママ (Hogo Neko Hatate Mama)

I’ll leave you with my personal favorite, little Uni doing his business. “Good job bud!”

By - Mujo.