Ogawa Coffee Co. Ltd, a coffee and coffee machine distributor based in Japan will begin selling the new model of Aerobie, Inc’s coffee extraction device, AeroPress® Go in Japan on April 1, 2020.

The new product, AeroPress® Go, is a coffee extraction device that uses the power of air to make a cup of coffee whilst out on the go.

Differing from conventional coffee making devices by using air power, the AeroPress® Go is able to extract strong coffee in a short time. The simplicity of the device means that advanced coffee machine technology is not required, and that the variety of coffee flavours need only be changed by adjusting the amount of coffee, degree of grind and the amount of hot water. The effortless and straightforward equipment makes coffee brewing a piece of cake and can be tackled by a wide variety of users ranging from beginners testing out their taste buds to the most experienced baristas and coffee connoisseurs.

The device is based on the AeroPress®, another coffee brewing device that was developed by Aerobie Inc® in 2005. Since its release, AeroPress® has been sold around the globe, mainly in Europe and the United States. Since 2008, a world tournament known as the “World Aeropress Championship” has been held, and sees global competition challenge one another to make the best pressed brew. Ogawa Coffee Co. Ltd of Japan became a promoter of the AeroPress® and started sales across the country in 2011.

The latest model, AeroPress® Go, has seen the device evolve into a portable shape labeled as “Simple, compact and easy to use anytime, anywhere.”

The new design was developed in response to a demand for more outdoor friendly equipment designed for use in travel and camping.

Whilst the original functions of the classic AeroPress® have been kept as they are, the size of the device has been reduced to make it more suitable for storage. Coming fully equipped with a unique mug that can store and transport all of the gadgets coffee making accessories, Aerobie Inc has created a coffee making masterpiece that is compact and easy to carry anywhere, whether that be workplaces, transport or in the great wild outdoors.

The new portable AeroPress® Go prides itself in making a strong brew with little technology and ease of effort.

Despite the huge difference between the extraction method of the AeroPress® Go and a traditional coffee machine, the AeroPress® Go ensures a smooth and rich coffee if the easy extraction method is followed correctly. Furthermore, the simplicity of the gadget means that no advanced extraction technology or knowledge is needed to create a decent brew.

Making a cup of coffee with the AeroPress® Go is as easy as putting in the coffee grind, pouring hot water and pressing down. Only one minute is needed to make a flawless concoction perfect for warming up even the coldest of souls.

The AeroPress® Go is easy to put together and can all be stored in a compact mug and carried effortlessly. When a brew has been made, simply cover the mug with the lid and go.

Dimensions of the AeroPress® Go are 110 × 100 × 175mm with a weight of 448grams. The product comes with a coffee chamber, plunger, mug, lid, paper folder, cap, spatula, spoon, and 350 paper coffee filters. Available for the price of 5,400円 the new AeroPress® Go will be sold online and in Ogawa Coffee shops across Japan from April 1st, 2020.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.