Kit Kat Japan is known for coming up with all sorts of distinctive flavors over the years. They range from the unusual—like melon and mascarpone cheese and peach mint—to more traditional Japanese tastes, such as umeshu (plum wine) and momiji manju (red bean).

Despite this already impressive variety, they prove that they’re not out of ideas just yet, with the release of a new yogurt sake flavored Kit Kat.

It’s not the first time that Kit Kat Japan has released a flavor based on Japanese alcohol. In 2018, they worked with Hidetoshi Nakata, a former Japanese soccer player turned sake connoisseur, to create the umeshu Kit Kats.

This time however, the flavor is inspired by a different type of drink: yogurt sake that’s specially produced at a brewery in Miyagi Prefecture. Nakata describes the taste as having the astringency and sweetness of yogurt perfectly balanced with the refreshing taste of sake.

The press release for the new Kitkat bars mentions that the yogurt sake is difficult to export overseas because of its difficult transportation requirements and its short shelf life. By creating this new flavor, Nakata hopes that people not just in Japan, but also worldwide can know of this uniquely Japanese drink.

The Kit Kat yogurt sake flavor will be released in stores all across Japan from March 16, 2020.

By - Jen Laforteza.