A new theme park recreating the village of Sylvania will open at Osaka’s Agricultural park, Sakai Green Museum Harvest Hill on March 20, 2020. The new park will be the only location of a life-sized Sylvanian “Yumeiro Yuenchi” Castle and “Mori no Wakuwaku Log House”.

The park, covering 4,500 square meters will recreate the village of Sylvania, where members of the popular collectible figurine series, the Sylvanian Families live. Famous buildings and vehicles from the collection such as the Sylvanian Families “Treehouse” and the “Nijiiro Yochien Bus” will be recreated in the theme park. Sylvanian Families costumes will also be available for rental, so that visitors can enjoy their day in the theme park as a member of the Sylvanian Families.

In addition to the village, other facilities will be available for visitors to enjoy such as the “Kawaii Ropeway” that overlooks the village and the “Kaze no Oka Stage” where the park will put on a number of shows and character meet and greets.

Visitors can also try their luck at winning a cute Sylvanian Families baby character by taking part and answering all the questions correctly in a park quiz available at the entrance gate.

Some of the park’s life sized buildings and attractions are listed below:

Sylvanian Families History Museum

A museum holding 35 years of Sylvanian Families history, including past products and video archives. The building itself is based on the early design of a Sylvanian Families residential dollhouse.

Red Roofed Residential House

This house is home to the Chocolate Rabbit Sylvanian Family. A large house featuring the classic Sylvanian red roof, visitors can climb up to the second floor and enjoy views of the surrounding areas from the balcony.

Mori No Wakuwaku Log House

Home to the Persian Cat Sylvanian Family, this is where members of the village of Sylvania gather and enjoy barbecues under the night sky. A first appearance for the Mori No Wakuwaku Log House, the building will only be available to visit at Osaka’s new Sylvania Park.

About Sylvanian Families

Sylvanian Families is a toy series of anthropomorphic animal figurines created by Japanese toy company, Epoch in 1985. The line up evolves continuously and includes houses, dolls and furniture. Expanding on the theme of “nature, family and love”, Sylvanian Families aims to support children’s imagination and creativity, as well as build upon family ties, friendships and to encourage a love for cherishing nature.

Sylvanian Family dolls were originally made of porcelain and the furniture of wood, but later releases of the figures were made in plastic and the furniture, metal. The brand celebrates its 35th anniversary this year and is now enjoyed by children and adults across the globe.

Sylvanian Families Theme Park

  • Theme Park Name: Sylvania Park
  • Location: Sakai, Osaka, Hachigamineji 2405-1 (Sakai Green Museum Harvest Hill)
  • Opening Hours: 09:30am - 16:30pm
  • Opening times may vary depending on the season
  • March 20, 2020 only - general admission 11:00 am - 16:30 pm
  • Admission Fee: 3 years+ 600 yen (* in addition to Sakai Green Museum Harvest Hill entrance fee)

By - Connie Sceaphierde.