With countless people around the world stuck at home due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, many companies operating online services have jumped on the opportunity to launch campaigns making a part or the entirety of their paid services temporarily available free of charge.

Staying at home for extended periods of time can be a stressful and frustrating experience. And while children and students stuck at home can take advantage of free online lessons or publishers offering online access to their books, teleworkers who also need to stay home may have other kinds of needs.

Today at noon, Japanese adult video maker Soft On Demand (SOD) announced that they were making 200 of their videos available free of charge to anyone who signs up, in a campaign entitled: 「自宅待機を応援!!0円でご利用キャンペーン」 "encouraging those who are standing by at home! 0 yen service campaign."

However, the response to this sudden offer seems to have a bit too much for SOD to handle. Only hours after the campaign was launched, reports began surfacing on Twitter that the server had crashed, and the hashtag SOD鯖落ち (SOD server crash) began trending.

Paper products are still scarce on store shelves, but many Twitter users quickly deduced that this latest development might aggravate the situation even further:

Meanwhile, SOD issued an apology:

Billionaire enterpreneur Yusaku Maezawa, also known as author of the world's first and second-most retweeted tweets, had these words of wisdom to offer:

By - grape Japan editorial staff.