Tea is a beverage appreciated around the world, but Japan is country that really has that appreciation down to an art. Their famed tea ceremonies, influenced by Zen Buddhism, are a traditional activity which turns every step of the preparation and serving of tea into an occasion.

Those who are interested in Japanese tea ceremony, but don’t have several hours to put aside for it (yes, they can last that long... more formal tea gatherings can even last up to four hours!), can experience a mini version of the cultural activity at Tokyo’s Cafe & Dining ZelkovA.

This limited time only tea set may not be as momentous as an actual tea ceremony, but it’s certainly a casual way to get a little taste of it.

Customers can pour their own hot water out of a ‘Nanbu Tekki’ cast iron teapot, then use a ‘chasen’ bamboo whisk to mix their matcha powder into a thick and frothy perfection. The tea provided is Uji matcha and Uji is a famous area in Kyoto known for their high quality tea leaves.

That same fragrant Uji matcha can be found in the accompanying matcha tiramisu. The set also comes with an assortment of seasonal fruit, shiratama, adzuki beans and Okinawan brown sugar syrup.

Cafe & Dining ZelkovA can be found on the first floor of The Strings Omotesando, and the Japanese Tea Set (2600 yen) can be ordered until 2nd July 2020.

By - Jess.