With many sports leagues around the globe on hiatus, there's at least one athletic competition we can count on.

You may remember Japanese bodybuilding representative and silver medalist BIGKILLER (@bigkiller0118) from his impressive but adorable posing routine introducing his wide collection pets, including a DBZ Kamehameha-themed flex. Perhaps as a break from introducing his furry friends, BIGKILLER recently took to Twitter to post under the hashtag "#コロナばっかりで気が滅入るから単純に好きな動画を貼る" ("#All this talk about the coronavirus is depressing so simply post your favorite video!"), sharing videos of a game between fellow bodybuilders he calls "Muscle hand push nipple sumo wrestling."

It plays out exactly how you would expect.

And looks very painful!

Although don't worry, the fitness enthusiast has found a way to incorporate his pets into the competition as well.

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By - Big Neko.