Two years ago, "humorous art and design" Japanese fashion brand ekoD Works came out with their first Illusion Grid T-shirt, a shirt that uses an optical illusion-based grid to make one's breasts appear bigger than they actually are.

As you can see in the video below, they've added a few...less subtle designs to this year's lineup, including an "exposed breast shirt."

The "Delusion Mapping" grid is an optical illusion to expand the presentation of one's bust when viewed from the front, but a quick check from the side shows reveals the reality of the situation.

Although there are some much more in-your-face visual slight of hands if you're prefer.

eKoD Works claims the delusion mapping based lineup has "succeeded to expose the fantastic world inside our head."

The entire lineup is available from both oddity shop Village Vanguard as well as eKoD Works (international shipping available).

By - grape Japan editorial staff.